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     Pastor Brandi L. Rojas​ is a native of Greensboro, N.C. She serves with her Husband, Pastor Omar Rojas at Maximizing Life Family Worship Center in Greensboro, N.C. a vision God birthed through them in 2015. Rojas has been in Dance Ministry for over 20 years and is a 2009 graduate of the School of Disciples taught under the late Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr.; in 2013 was named Sweetheart of the Triad, an award given based on community involvement.  Pastor Rojas was licensed to preach the Gospel on February 27, 2011 and as a result DYmondFYre Global Ministries was born. 


     Rojas was ordained as an Elder in 2012 and was installed as Pastor with her Husband January 2013.  Since that time, she and her Husband, also known as #TeamRojas, by God’s mandate, have birthed several evangelistic causes.  In January 2014 Rojas opened FYreDance Studios and Liturgical Arts Consulting which provides on-site instruction, virtual teaching, consultation services, choreography services and dance encounters.  The following year a prayer walk initiative was created to bring the local churches together to work together and help lead the lost to Jesus Christ and empower the world through a vehicle called The Gatekeeper’s Legacy; since that time, she has also served as part of the planning and leadership committee for the National Day of Prayer for the City of Greensboro, the youngest committee member on the team.    In February 2016, Rojas launched out again to begin The Legacy Ladies Fellowship, an organization created to help women of God pray, push and live the reality of what God has called them to.  Most recently to this list of mandates, The CrossOver Resource Center was added, working to provide solutions for life’s transitions to the community and has also joined forces with the National Day of Prayer Coordination team serving as the only female, only African American and youngest on the core team.  


     Rojas released her first book in June 2016 entitled In the Face of Expected Failure and her sophomore project, Humpty Dumpty in Stilettos: The Great Exchange, in November 2016.  It was with the second book release that Fiery Beacon Publishing House, LLC was launched, serving current and upcoming authors, playwrights and poets.  Humpty Dumpty in Stilettos was nominated for the national Literary Trailblazer of the Year Award in 2017 by the Indie Author Legacy Award in Baltimore, Maryland and in July 2017 she was noted as an International Best-Selling Author for her part in a collaborative effort called Stories from the Pink Pulpit: Women in Ministry Speak.  Since the conception of FBPH, Rojas has solo and co-authored 16 books and our company has published over ninety authors.


      In the Marketplace, Pastor Rojas is known for her progressive efforts through the vehicles of health, wellness and travel, also known as TheFYreLitLYfe. She also makes it a priority to share the reality and necessity of multiple streams of income which empowers the home, community, nation and world.  Pastor Rojas is grateful and humbled at how God continues to expand the entire vision, not just to the United States, but internationally as well. 


Team Rojas are the proud parents of five children.  Pastor Brandi Rojas is a Worshiper, Servant, Praise Vessel, and Prayer Warrior, but most of all, she is a vessel who is on fire for God!

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