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Greetings From Our CEO

Great Day! My name is Brandi Rojas, Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Fiery Beacon Publishing House LLC, and it is indeed a privilege to greet you from our corporate offices located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The FBPH team and I, are honored to take this opportunity to welcome you to explore just a sample of the exciting aspects of Fiery Beacon Publishing House. Again, I bid you greetings and thank you for this time that we are honored to share with you!



We believe that we have been chosen and equipped to help ignite your literary genius! It is an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment and joy when we are able to bring life to the hopes and dreams of one whose story has been waiting to be released. We believe that "authors" are LITERARY GIANTS in the making, and we encourage and support each one individually. We believe in dedicating ourselves to ensure that every goal is met to perfection.

Our History

Fiery Beacon Publishing House, LLC, also known as #FBPH, was established on
November 7, 2016 at the book signing of our C.E.O., Brandi Rojas. As she
autographed copies, one person after another and then another all said, “You
should help people publish their books!” After a few declarations of refusal, Rojas yielded to the Word she heard and launched out.

From her kitchen table, she began to publish, support and train authors
internationally, seeking to give them services that she never received as an author.
It was from this same table that she published over seventy authors and published
thirteen books of her own. To date, Fiery Beacon Publishing House, LLC has serviced
over 130 authors from the U.S., Africa, Cayman Islands and Nassau, Bahamas.

In July 2020, #FBPH obtained their first office space in Midtown Greensboro, North
Carolina. One week after the dedication of their space, they acquired a second suite
which housed the Get Ink’d Room, The Ink Lab and Ink Out Loud! Within this time it
was also confirmed that #FBPH was the FIRST publisher on record that provides a
“safe place” for authors and literary artists to come and work on their forthcoming
works in the form of The FYreLit Room!

Meet The Team

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